The main asset of all companies has always been their customers. At Voltage Cosmetics we know this, and that is why we work every day to give them the best service with the right tools to achieve this successfully. Our sales are focused through the distribution companies that know the sector well and have made it possible for a large part of the professionals in Europe to know and use our products.

From North to South, from East to West, we move across Europe with the best sales team: our dealers. They are the ambassadors of our company: with our sincere conversations, well-checked information and expert suggestions, they make it possible for us to produce better and better every day, and for our quality to remain our unrivalled hallmark in the face of the competition.

The Voltage Cosmetics dealer is more than just a partner, need I emphasise that? They are a travelling companion, and in some cases the emissary and confidant that every manufacturer longs for. We owe our success in large part to these people who, with their committed dedication, have positioned our brand in each of the areas where they work, and who have thus contributed to making Voltage products known and used by professional hairdressers and stylists in their daily work.

From the beginning we have moved forward together, and this commercial policy has strengthened us along the way. We know that our future is based on the past and the present, and we are confident that we will be able to maintain our leading position in the industry as the No. 1 in quality.

The opening of new European markets is an important vector for us, and therefore, as an immediate objective, we plan to continue the policy of agreements with specialised distribution companies in each of the countries in which we plan our expansion.

At present, our brand is very well represented by our distributors in different geographical areas of Spain, Portugal and Andorra. Soon, we plan to extend our presence in France and the Netherlands.

Do you want to be a Voltage Cosmetics distributor?

We are looking for you: hard-working people with commercial energy who want to be what we have just explained, who feel motivated to be one of our distributors.

One of the basic requirements you have to meet is a) the desire, the will to sell the best product on the market in terms of quality, and b) to ensure that customers, professionals, hairdressers, think of our brand when it comes to working and providing the best solutions to the people who come to their establishments.

Another requirement to be met is the commitment to Voltage Cosmetics. From the moment you decide to choose us, a whole infrastructure, Voltage's infrastructure, will be there for you. It will look after you, help you and expect your dedication.

And finally, one last requirement: you must prove that you are a professional in the sector and know your clients: hairdressers, beauty salons, and others. If this is the case and you meet all three requirements, we will designate you as a Voltage Cosmetics distributor and assign you to a geographical area previously agreed with you.

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