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Voltage Cosmetics is the result of enthusiasm. The result of our fascination for a world, that of hair cosmetics, which has always subjugated us. We grew as professionals at the same pace as it did. We were captivated by its purpose, we lived its development and we were captivated by it: hair care is so beautiful.

A flowing mane, carefully styled, carefully treated hair is beautiful. A radiant, healthy head of hair makes us feel good. Knowing that we have contributed to it fills us with satisfaction.

We professionals have done it. At Voltage Cosmetics, researching, learning, testing and developing products for the best hair health. For its beauty.

With natural products for hair treatment, applying the appropriate and most effective active ingredients in each case for the treatment. And we have offered them to the market, to the professionals with whom we share this adventure.

In the hairdressing salons, with daily contact, hairdressers and hairstylists with clients, their experiences, their concerns, their comments, the feedback they give us.

With dedication. Presenting a new image of the hairdressing salon. Up to date. More and more skilled, more expert and more educated.

We've been in this together for a few years now (since 2004). Since we appeared on the market with the illusion of contributing our grain of sand, of sharing our knowledge, our own, as researchers and manufacturers, and that of the other actors, stylists, hairdressers and groomers.

We have learned many things along this long and exciting road. And in the last few years we have rediscovered others that we already knew, and that now, with the evolution of recent times, are becoming more and more important..

The importance of the natural, of respecting what nature offers us, of knowing how to make the most of the world as it is, of making and applying a shampoo without sulphates, silicones or parabens, for example, and understanding why we do it. Something as simple as this. It is the natural thing to do. And at the same time, it's what's best for our hair.

This is also what progress is all about. Knowing how to present your online hairdressing salon on the web, applying the latest technological advances and taking advantage of new scientific discoveries, being aware of the new challenges, the fragility of our environment and the need to take care of it and the urgency of preserving it. Knowing how to identify what makes sense.

In short: it is about doing things WELL. Because doing well what we know how to do is PROFITABLE. We earn money with it, we make a living and we do it because we like it, we are dedicated to it, we know it and we feel comfortable doing it.

It is the most convenient and the most profitable thing for us and for everyone. It is also in the best interest and most convenient and profitable for the user of our services. That is why our clients choose us, and that is why they come back and stay with us. Because they trust our know-how and our solutions. They trust professionals.

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